Senior Frontend Developer Netguru

Lokalizacja: Warszawa

Stanowisko: Senior Frontend Developer

Termin do: bez terminu

Senior Frontend Developer

We are Netguru – a team of specialists creating web and mobile applications on behalf of
clients worldwide, who always strive to make a name for themselves in the world of software

Over the past eight years, Netguru grew from a small startup to an almost fully-grown
enterprise. Starting as a local business, we’ve evolved into an international company with clients
from over 20 countries, working on over 40 projects with almost 140 developers on board. We
are now recognised as one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. It wouldn’t have been
possible but for the people who have a strong commitment to making the company develop
even further.

We are looking for an experienced Senior Frontend Developer to strengthen our team.

Looking for new challenges, or just want to switch to really entertaining projects? Do not
hesitate and apply to Netguru!

Joining Netguru means:
● working with an experienced team – you have your own mentor and a leader of the dev
● processes based on Scrum and Agile methodologies,
● dev-friendly processes such as Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Code
Review and bug bashes,
● constant development of your hard and soft skills (e.g. internal Webinars, external
conferences, access to multiple online courses and e-books, bi-weekly technology
specific learning meetings),
● having a real influence on your pay – do your job well and get a pay rise every 6 months,
● startup type projects – our clients come from all over the world,
● flexplace – work remotely whenever and wherever you need.

Ready to apply? First check if you:
● have proven 2+ years’ commercial experience in building web applications,
● have a deep understanding of at least one of the following: React, Angular (>2),
Ember.js or Vue,
● know how to create DRY and S.O.L.I.D. code,
● have a deep understanding of state / data management patterns and solutions (e.g.
Redux / Mobx, ngrx, ember-data),
● have a deep understanding of JavaScript and it’s quirks,
● have a solid practice in using ES2015+,
● Are up to date with the newest ECMAScript specifications,
● treat testing as inherent part of your work and QUnit, Mocha, Jest, Jasmine, etc. are
no mysteries to you,
● are experienced in git,
● have a strong knowledge of Bootstrap, Foundation or another CSS framework,
● are experienced with different styling solutions such us: PostCSS, CSS Modules,
● have experience in RWD and mobile first approach,
● are ready to help Project Managers lead their projects from the technical side,
● are a technological authority for clients, and you’re eager to help them make informed
● have a good command of written and spoken English (CEFR B2+) ; Polish is not
● have strong communication skills,
● have an eye for detail,
● good enough is not good enough for you,
● understand Ruby or Node.js code.

We will be happy to see that you:
● have knowledge of typed solutions like TypeScript or Flow,
● are experienced with Ruby or Node.js code,
● are experienced in configuring Webpack,
● are experienced in front-end performance and/or SEO optimisation,
● are an open-source contributor,
● are a conference speaker.

Perks & benefits:
● MacBook – we work with the best equipment,
● additional accessories for your computer,
● private health insurance + multisport card,
● individual co-financed educational plan,
● free sandwiches and half-price lunches,
● Team Retreats and Team Meetups.

PLN 10,500-16,250 + VAT (B2B)
or PLN 8,400-13,000 gross (UoP)
Deadline: ongoing

Sounds like a perfect job?
Don’t hesitate & Apply now.